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5 Types Of Waffles To Start Your Day With

What is it about a waffle that makes us love them so much? Waffles may seem like a pretty basic breakfast item, but they have a pretty interesting story. Waffles have evolved from communion wafers: after all, the familiar “honeycomb” pattern that appears on waffles  was designed to represent “interlocking crosses.” 

Thomas Jefferson brought the waffle iron to the U.S. from France during the late 18th century, and shortly after, waffle parties were all crazy. Later innovations, including the electric waffle maker and the frozen waffle, further popularized waffles as well-liked food items. The nooks and crannies that the waffle possesses make it the right vessel for butter and syrup. Additionally, the firm, crisp texture of a waffle is the ideal platform for heavier toppings as well. 

In fact, waffles are much more than just breakfast food. They can be savory as well as sweet. Several waffle toppings work for waffles, and this versatility allows waffles to be consumed as a morning treat, a lunch or dinner meal, or maybe even as an indulgent dessert. 

Types Of Waffle To Start Your Day

Here are 5 Types of Waffles To Start Your Day With:

  • Blueberry Cheese Waffle Sandwich 

    Blueberry filled, layered with gourmet cheese, and a freshly baked crispy waffle sandwich is the perfect sweet treat. This sweet sandwich is great to serve for a special breakfast or brunch! The crispiness of a waffle paired with the creamy filling makes it hard to resist. 

  • Nutella Waffle Sandwich 

    Experience the authentic taste of Europe! This Belgian waffle features a special recipe of Freshly Baked Crispy Belgian Waffle topped with delicious Homemade Nutella & crushed nuts served with Vanilla Ice Cream. 

  • KitKat Waffle Sandwich 

    Freshly Baked Crispy Belgian waffle drizzled with a mix of Homemade Nutella, White & bittersweet chocolate, and Crushed KitKat pieces served with Vanilla frozen dessert. The Belgian waffle with crushed KitKat is a winner. It makes for a wonderfully sweet and crunchy bite. 

  • Triple Chocolate Waffle Sandwich 

    The TWC White, Milk, and semi-sweet chocolate waffle sandwich has a chocolate base and is freshly baked to perfection. This waffle is the perfect choice for those with a knack for sweet savory desserts.

  • Peanut Butter Waffle 

    Served with a scoop of Chocolate Frozen Dessert, this Freshly Baked Crispy Belgian Waffle is topped with Peanut Butter & Homemade Nutella. It’s the best of both worlds – healthy and delicious at the same time. 

We can all agree that waffles taste great whether they’re savory or sweet, eaten with our fingers or with a fork, covered in syrup, or dusted with powdered sugar. We hope you have gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of the best waffle sandwiches to order whenever you are in Delhi. We can always count on The Waffle Co. to offer fresh, delicious, and healthy waffles and other desserts in Delhi.

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